• Frozen Shell-on prawns

    Shell-on prawns (Pandalus borealis) are caught in the cold icy waters around Greenland. The prawns are produced, packed and frozen onboard either as cooked or raw IQF.

    Product specifications:

    Shell-on prawns IQF, cooked or raw.

    Packing in cartons of 5 kilo net weight

  • Seafrozen North Atlantic Mackerel

    North Atlantic mackerel (scomber scombrus) caught from June until October in the waters of the East coast of Greenland in the North Atlantic Ocean. The mackerel are  caught by trawl, frozen and packed onboard our trawler.

    Product specifications:
    Whole round or headed & gutted, block frozen.
    Packing in cartons of fixed weight 15 kg net.

  • Frozen Greenland scallops

    Greenland scallop (Chlamys Islandica) is caught off the west coast of Greenland by the trawler “Sonia Kiil II”. The scallops are hand shucked and frozen onboard the vessel to maintain the pure freshness and high quality.

    Product specifications:

    Scallop meat, roe on.

    Packing in cartons of 6 kilo net weight.

  • Frozen Greenland halibut

    Greenland Halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) is caught all year around in cold waters off the west coast of Greenland in the North Atlantic Ocean. The meat of the Greenland halibut is white and firm, the fish has a high fat content and a rich flavor making Greenland halibut very popular for both smoking, sushi and filleting purposes.

    Product specifications:

    Jap-cut / tail-off or Head on gutted, long line caught, landfrozen or trawlcaught, seafrozen. Packing in cartons or scantainers, fixed or variable weight.

  • Frozen Atlantic cod

    Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) is caught off the west coast of Greenland, the cod are among the most popular fish in the world due to its white and tasty meat. Atlantic cod is widely used for fileting purposes both as fresh and frozen.

    Product specifications:

    Head off, gutted, landfrozen.

    Packing in carton or scantainer with variable weight.